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Mon compte Capricorne

Buy Bonus points

Prime: purchase Points

When submitting a request to buy Capricorne bonus points, the Capricorne member acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions.

  1. Every person willing to buy or offer PRIM€ bonus points must be a member of the Capricorne program . This condition is also valid for the beneficiary.
  2. A member's request for purchase should be applicable only after acceptation by the Capricorne service of Air Austral .
  3. PRIM€ is a non-refundable service
  4. Bought or offered PRIM€ bonus points give right to bonus credits, not taken into account in the sum of necessary points for the PREMIUM qualification
  5. The validity of PRIM€ bonus points is exactly the same as points of Capricorne program
  6. Each member of the Capricorne program can buy the PRIM€ service, per 500 bonus points.
  7. Each capricorne individual account can be credited with a maximum of 4.000 PRIM€ bonus points per calendar year
  8. The buyer accepts that the Capricorne service of Air Austral may use his name, e-mail, the information of his Capricorne account and credit card in order to process the asked transaction. Air Austral will not use the member's personal data for another reason than the previous stipulations, except with the consent of the member
  9. In case of purchase of PRIM€ bonus points for a third-party account, the buyer claims that he has already received the beneficiary prior approval to give his name, e-mail and his Capricorne card number
  10. Once the PRIM€ bonus points are credited, they are not transferable from an account to another
  11. Neither the buyer nor the beneficiary can sell, swap or realize any non authorized distribution of PRIM€ bonus points
  12. If PRIM€ bonus points bought or received as gift are obtained by fraudulent use of cards, the Capricorne service of Air Austral can cancel, refuse to honour or confiscate these PRIM€ bonus points and sue the originator of the transaction.
  13. The purchase of PRIM€ bonus points does not guarantee places  availability on Air Austral flights. Then, the Capricorne service of Air Austral assumes no responsibility when the member cannot use or redeem PRIM€ bonus points (bought or offered).
  14. The buyer agrees to pay in full the Capricorne service of Air Austral by credit card, before being credited with PRIM€ bonus points on his account. By submitting a request for purchase of PRIM€ bonus points, the buyer authorizes the Capricorne service of Air Austral to debit the credit card number provided
  15. The buyer agrees that the attribution and the use of the points, including the bought or offered ones above, are subjected to conditions, exclusions and limitations of the Capricorne program by Air Austral
  16. The buyer must respect all the laws, rules or applicable regulations, and also the General Terms and Conditions of the Capricorne program.
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