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Paris CDG

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April International Voyage - Insurance

Soon travelling with Air Austral? Ensure your tickets against all risks.

Plan for contingencies... ensure your trip online

Our partner April international proposes 2 insurance offers that allows a coverage before and/or during your journey.

BEFORE : trip cancellation insurance

Your trip has been well prepared for a long time but you suddenly have to cancel your departure for a cause which is unforeseeable and beyond your reasonable control : the trip cancellation insurance comes into play.

The trip cancellation insurance covers you in the following cases :

  • illness or serious accident (yourself or one of your relatives)
  • unforseeable pregnancy complications
  • lay-off for economic reasons

April International Voyage undertakes to refund cancellation fees or the non-refundable amount of your ticket.

Inform our Air Austral agents that you are forced to cancel. Then contact April International Voyage within 5 working days following your cancellation report with Air Austral.

Tariff : from 28 euros per passenger

DURING : assistance insurance

With the "Assistance" insurance , you are covered from your date of departure up to your date of return , on a 24/7 basis, and worldwide :

  • Assistance to ill or injured people : rapatriation assistance , medical costs and hospitalization, presence of a family member in case of hospitalieation, costs related to research and/or rescue
  • Assistance in the case of death,
  • Early return assistance.

Tariff : from 8 euros per passager

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