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About Air Austral

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Coronavirus - COVID-19

Last update: march 23, 2020

Since the start of the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic, Air Austral has set up a monitoring unit in close contact with health organisations and the competent authorities, and is following developments in the health situation worldwide in real time.

Following government measures, our Air Austral Paris agency is closed for an indefinite period.

Our call center is receiving a large volume of calls at the moment and we apologize for not being able to answer immediately. If your trip is not scheduled within 72 hours, we invite you to contact us later.

Your flight departure is at more than 72 hours, you can :

Postpone or change the destination of your flight : booking change form

request a ticket cancellation and claim a voucher : booking cancellation form

Commercial measures

Update : March 25, 2020

From Wednesday 25 March 2020, the following sales adjustments are applicable: Passengers holding an Air Austral ticket issued before 31 May 2020, and for flights scheduled until 30 September 2020 included, benefit from the following conditions:

Ticket changes: non-modifiable, or modifiable with fee - travel date may be changed:

If the travel date is postponed to before 30 November 2020: the date can be changed without fees, seasonal or fare adjustment, in the same travel cabin.

If the travel date is postponed to 1 December 2020 and after: the date can be changed without fees, with seasonal or fare adjustment if applicable. (For tickets which were purchased with a territorial continuity voucher, the departure must be book ed before 31 Departure 2020).

The destination may be changed without fees with a fare adjustment if applicable. This is not applicable for passengers who have benefited from a territorial continuity voucher.

Cancellation: for cancelled flights, or passenger ticket cancellation requests, a full refund will be provided in the form of a voucher, under the following conditions:

=> A voucher for the value of the total ticket fare, valid for one year from the date the voucher will be issued. The voucher may be used on all flights operated by Air Austral and Air Austral/Ewa Air code-share flights. The voucher may be refunded if it is not used by the expiry date.

Refund requests must be made one day before the expiry date. For tickets issued by a travel agency, customers must contact their travel agent.

This is not applicable for passengers who have benefited from a territorial continuity voucher. Refundable tickets remain refundable according to the paid fare conditions.

Flights From/to Reunion, Mayotte and France

Travel is subject to restrictions upon request by the fench government, which states that until April 15, only travel for the following reasons is permitted :

  • Travel for compelling family reasons
  • Displacement for compelling health reasons
  • Business travel that cannot be postponed

We invite all travelers who have a trip planned before April 15 to verify and certify that the reason for their trip meets the required criteria. A downloadable certificate of honour and compulsory supporting documents (proof of residence, employer's certificate, medical summons,...) will be requested from them on the day of departure authorising their check-in and boarding. 

Flights to Reunion and Mayotte :



Flight to France : DOWNLOAD


Download News release (French)

Information - Destinations



From March 28, 2020 - all flights from/to Mayotte are suspended

Mauritius and Rodrigues

Travels between non-European countries and European Union countries are suspended, Air Austral provides an update on flights program to/from Mauritius and Rodrigues

Download the news relase (FRENCH)


South Africa

Flight UU341 Reunion-Johannesburg 24-03-20 is moved forward - Departure scheduled on 21-03-20 Status

Flight UU342 Johannesburg-Reunion 24-03-20 is moved forward - Departure scheduled on 21-03-20 :Status

From march 24th to Apr 15th 2020, all flights Reunion < > Johannesburg are suspended


All scheduled flights between Reunion Island and the Seychelles will be operated until Sunday 22 March.

From march 23th to Apr 15th 2020, all flights Reunion < > Seychelles are suspended


All scheduled flights between Reunion Island and Bangkok will be operated until Sunday 22 March.

From march 23 to May 31 2020, all flights Reunion < > Bangkok are suspended


Air Austral provides an update on the flight schedule to/from MADAGASCAR Download the news relase (french)

Air Austral forced to suspend flights to and from Madagascar. Download the news relase (english)


Flight UU255 Réunion Moroni - 18/03/20 - will be operated

Flight UU256 Moroni Réunion - 18/03/20 - will be operated via Dzaoudzi

All flights Reunion-Moroni are suspended from march 23 to Apr 15 2020 


From 17 March to 15 April 2020, Air Austral is suspending operations on its Reunion-Chennai route. Download the news relase (french)

Air Austral organizes the return of its passengers currently in India.

Download the news relase (french)


Air Austral decides to extend the suspension of its operations on the Reunion > Canton route until June 2020 Download the news release (french)

Enhanced aircraft cleaning

The cleanliness of aircrafts and cabins are of the utmost importance and are the subject of increased attention.

Air Austral has therefore decided to implement a specific programme of thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all aircrafts, before each flight, including for short stopovers. This disinfectant cleaning is applied to all cabin surfaces with which passengers and crew may come into contact and is supplemented by spraying the cabins with a disinfectant liquid approved for each long-haul flight.

These measures involve strengthening the maintenance teams and providing new equipment, which the airline has already organized.

Thus, Air Austral is doing everything possible to enable its passengers and crews to travel with peace of mind. In addition, all its staff are mobilized and equipped to ensure that hygiene measures are rigorously applied. All aircrafts are also equipped with HEPA filters, allowing the filtering and elimination of bacterial contamination for a clean air.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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