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General conditions of carriage

Article X : refunds

1. General Provisions

In accordance with fare regulations, the Carrier will refund all or part of an unused Ticket, under the following conditions :

a) Except as otherwise provided for in this Article, the Carrier shall be entitled to refund either the person named in the Ticket, or the person who paid for the Ticket, upon presentation of satisfactory proof of such payment;

b) If a Ticket has been paid for by a person other than the Passenger named in the Ticket, and the Ticket indicates that there is a restriction on refund, the Carrier shall refund the person who paid for the Ticket, or to that person's order;

c) Except in the event of Ticket loss, refunds will only be made upon remittance to the Carrier of the Passenger Coupon or the Passenger Receipt, as well as of all unused Flight Coupons;

d) A refund made to a person presenting himself/herself as the person entitled to said refund, in accordance with sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) above, and who remits to the Carrier the Passenger Coupon or the Passenger Receipt, as well as all the unused Flight Coupons, shall be deemed valid and shall release the Carrier from all liability and all subsequent claims to reimbursement;

e) An event of Force Majeure occurring after the Passenger started the journey and preventing the Passenger from continuing it shall not give rise to a Ticket refund. In such an event, Article III 2 (c) of these General Conditions of Carriage (extension of the Ticket validity) will apply.


2. Involuntary Refunds

If the Carrier cancels a flight, or operates the flight with excessive delays compared to the planned schedule or the flight does not stop at the Agreed Stopping Place or scheduled destination, or if the Carrier causes a Passenger to miss a connecting flight, or if the Carrier denies boarding to a Passenger due to scheduled overbooking, Passengers who hold a single Contract of Carriage may obtain a refund of an amount:

a) equivalent to the fare paid, if no portion of the Ticket was used;

b) at least equivalent to the difference between the fare paid and the fare corresponding to the carriage not provided, with reference to the route mentioned on the Ticket, if a portion of the Ticket was used.

In the event of Involuntary downgrading, where a Passenger is placed in a lower class than that for which the Ticket was purchased, a refund will be provided in accordance with the European law in force (regulation 261/2004), of an amount corresponding to the difference in class.


3. Voluntary Refunds

a) If a Passenger is entitled to obtain reimbursement for a Ticket, for reasons other than those mentioned in Paragraph 2 of this Article, the refund shall be of an amount equivalent to:

  • the fare paid, less any reasonable administrative or cancellation charges, if no portion of the Ticket was used;
  • the difference between the fare paid and the fare applicable to the scheduled route for which the Ticket was used, if a portion of the Ticket was used, less any reasonable administrative or cancellation charges.

b) The refunds referred to in this Paragraph 3 may be precluded by Government requirements or any other contractual document between the Carrier and the Passenger. Such regulations apply in particular to Tickets labelled "non refundable".


4. Refunds for Tickets Declared to be Lost or Stolen

In the event of the loss or theft of all or part of a Passenger’s Ticket, the Passenger may, upon furnishing the Carrier with proof of the loss or theft of the Ticket and upon payment of reasonable administrative charges, be refunded as promptly as possible after the expiry of the Ticket’s validity, provided that:

a) The Ticket or the portion of it that was lost or stolen has not been used, previously refunded or replaced without further payment (unless one of these situations was caused by the Carrier); and that

b) the person to whom the refund is made undertakes, in the forms notified to them, to pay over to the Carrier the amount thus refunded, in the event of fraud and to the extent that the lost or stolen Ticket is used by a third party (except where fraudulent use by a third party is caused by the Carrier);

c) If the Carrier or Authorised Agent lose the Ticket or a portion of it, they shall be wholly liable for the loss.


5. Refund Refusal Right

The Carrier may refuse a refund:

a) For any Ticket, if the request is made after expiry of the Ticket’s validity;

b) For a Ticket presented to the Carrier, or to the authorities of a country, which meets the legislative or regulatory requirement to possess a ticket allowing the Passenger to leave the country, unless the Passenger provides sufficient proof establishing that he/she has permission to remain in said country or will leave by another Carrier, as defined in Article I above, or by another means of transport;

c) For a Ticket, the holder of which was refused entry by the destination or transit authorities on the scheduled route, and if the Passenger was returned to his/her boarding point for this reason;

d) For a stolen, forged or counterfeit Ticket;

e) For a Ticket, in a currency different from the currency used for payment;

f) For a Ticket labelled "non-refundable".


6. Refund Currency

a) Subject to applicable law, the Carrier reserves the right to make the refund in the same form and in the same currency as those used when the Ticket was purchased.

b) If the Carrier agrees to make a refund in a currency different from the payment currency, the refund shall be made at an exchange rate and under conditions determined by the Carrier.


7. Persons Authorized to Refund

Refunds shall only be made by the Carrier who originally issued the Ticket or by an Authorized Agent, if so authorized by the Carrier.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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