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Paris CDG

For flights departing in more than 48hours, please consult our Air Austral Schedules


Any time within the 24-hour period prior to the departure of all your flights

Have all travel documents ready with you : electronic ticket, passport

Consult your travel data, change dates of flights, personal data, seats...

Mon compte Capricorne

Loyalty program

My Capricorne account

Capricorne awards : travel more and more with Air Austral

You regularly travelled on our Air Austral network. You can now redeem your "travelling points" for an award, for your and the person of your choice :

Earn and buy points

Earn travelling points right from your adhesion with your temporary Capricorne card : "travelling" points - chart

A few points are missing to top up your account and request the award of your choice. Air Austral suggests you to buy Capricorne bonus points online  

If you're a frequent traveller, and you earned more than 12 500 "travelling" points within the 12 months preceding our accounting month, you will be promoted to the Premium Capricorn status for 1 year : discover the Premium Capricorne card

Discount abonné

Member "Abonne" rates

You're a frequent traveller on Air Austral flights. The Air Austral discount abonné is for you. Subscribe online and book your next Air Austral trip enjoying discounts from -5% to -10%.

A card valid for all the flights operated by Air Austral*, including TGV Air connections from/to provincial destinations, and connections from/to Ewa Air network, subsidiary of Air Austral company.

Excess baggage allowance, acces to airport lounges, baggage insurance : discover the  the discount abonné privileges

* : Reunion Island, Paris and TGV Air destinations, Mayotte, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, India, Thailand, Comoros, South Africa.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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