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Mon compte Capricorne

Loyalty program

Terms and conditions


  1. Capricorne program
  2. Participation to the fidelity program
  3. Earning account points/credit of the Member's account
  4. Earning a bonus/debit of the Member's account
  5. Levels of participation to the Capricorne fidelity program
  6. Information and communication
  7. Miscellaneous

1. Capricorn program



The Capricorne Loyalty program run by Air Austral is a frequent flyer program aiming at giving its Members a credit of points according to pre-established scale in accordance with the conditions and limitations set out in the present General Conditions, according to the trips actually completed by the Member on board flight operated by Air Austral. The Loyalty program corresponds to flights operated by Air Austral, flights for which an Air Austral (UU) number is attributed, whether being operated directly by the Company or according to another option (code-share…).



According to the number of points granted to the Member, the latter will be able to earn awards with Air Austral according to a pre-established scale that will be distributed to the Members in accordance with conditions stated below.

2. Participation in the Loyalty program



Participation in the Capricorne Loyalty program is free and open to any person to two years of age and whose current address is located in a country that does not prohibit participating in this loyalty program.


Corporate bodies are not entitled to participate in this loyalty program. Employees, company managers and eligible people of airline companies, travel agencies or those who operate as tour guides cannot join the Capricorne loyalty program.


Any person who wishes to join the Capricorne loyalty program must fill in a personal membership request. The signature of a legal guardian or legal administrator of a disabled person regardless of age is compulsory.


Any person requesting membership to the Capricorne loyalty program must acquaint him/herself with the contents of the General Conditions and expressly accept them. These General Conditions are also available on request from Air Austral.

At any time, Air Austral reserves the right to refuse membership to any person who would not correspond to the criteria set up for participating to the loyalty program.


Participation in the Capricorne loyalty program is performed only on the website, www.air- An individual identification number will be sent by email to the address registered on the online form after it has been duly informed.

A personal account is created for each applicant who then becomes a loyalty program member. One membership per person is accepted resulting in the creation of a single account. This account cannot be ceded, donated, transferred or combined with any other Capricorne loyalty program account. The permanent Capricorne loyalty card is issued and addressed to the Member after the third one-way-flight credit done on board Air Austral. The card remains the exclusive property of Air Austral who reserves the right to demand its restitution at any time. The Capricorne card is strictly personal; only tickets issued in the name of the account holder may be credited to the account. .


Any change of address, name or other indication deemed necessary to the functioning of the account must be notified as soon as possible, in writing to Air Austral who will be entitled to request any necessary documentary evidence from the Member. The proof of having informed Air Austral falls to the Member, in case of litigation.


The applicant will inform Air Austral in writing of any loss, destruction or theft of his/her card. His card will be replaced free of charge after transferring his/her points to a new account.


Members of the Air Austral Discount Abonné program automatically become members of the Capricorne Loyalty Program.

3. Earning account points/ credit of the Member’s account



Any credit is made to the customer’s personal account.


The account unit is the “point.”

Points shall be credited to the Member’s account in compliance with the general terms and conditions of the program and the points system according to the use of Air Austral air transport transactions.

There are two types of points:

  • “Bonus” points-notably linked to promotional and commercial transactions, to membership of the loyalty program and compensation.
  • “Travelling” points, linked to the flights, depend on the route, the booking class and the type of fare.


Air Austral flights and code-share flights with an Air Austral flight number enable the Member to accumulate “travelling” points according to the points system which has been set up by Air Austral and passed on to the Member. The Member can only earn points for the paid and completed flights based on a fare and route allowing an accumulation of points at the date shown on the valid ticket. The number of credited points is in accordance with scale of the Air Austral points system.

For direct flights with or without stopovers, the points credited to the Member’s account are based on the scale of the Capricorne loyalty program points system.

For connecting flights with changes of planes or flight numbers, points are calculated on the different partial routes. The “travelling” points are credited on average 7 days after the flight. Points shall be credited to the account, provided the Member has submitted the membership number when booking the flight, at the time of issuing the ticket or when checking in for the flight.


In case of flight cancellations due to factors beyond the air carriers’ control including but not limited to internal or external labour disputes, technical problem requiring immobilization of the airplane, security reasons or cases beyond the company’s control, the member will not be granted points.


The flights and fares which qualify for the accumulation of points are determined by Air Austral and can be modified at any time and without any notice, and immediate application. Air Austral reserves the right to exclude some fares from the loyalty program and will do its best to duly inform the members of the Capricorne loyalty program. Kindly note that points are not applicable on Air Austral ad hoc promotional offers on all destinations (Gadiam L/B fares, Comfort B fare).


New Members have the possibility to earn points from previous flights upon providing the original passenger receipts of the “journey memos/trip summaries” and boarding passes. This applies to flights flown up to 6 months prior to the registration date. Boarding passes are not considered as valid tickets. As for E-Tickets, passenger receipts or “journey memos/trip summaries” are the only valid documents to be accepted to earn travelling points.

For trip on EWA Air company, only boarding passes are considered for the credit of the account.


The same flight cannot be used to accumulate points on any loyalty program except that of Air Austral.


Each Member should personally verify that points have been credited to their accounts.

If the Member claims points that have not been credited to their accounts after following the procedure, it is the Member’s responsibility to provide necessary documents such as original passenger receipts, journey memos/trip summaries or boarding passes within a 6-month period after the flight or transaction in question. Any claim for retro credit made on the Member website or with the Capricorne service is only possible only 7 days after the flight.

If the claim is justified, a retroactive credit shall be made to the Member’s account.

In addition, Air Austral reserves the right to demand any necessary documents related to the accumulation of points. Retroactive claims should be notified to Air Austral in writing (e-mail, mail, fax).


Air Austral reserves the right to debit the account of any Member who has unduly acquired points.

The Member’s account can only be credited once per flight or service.


Points credited to a Member’s account are exclusive to Air Austral customers and cannot be accumulated, exchanged or converted for other airline loyalty programs.


Points earned by a Member of the Capricorne loyalty program are valid for a 36-month period from the end of the month in accordance with a transaction generating points.

Points credited to the Member’s account expire every 2 months.


Points earned by the Member of the Capricorne loyalty program cannot be transferred by the member from one account to another.

4. Earning awards/debit of the Member’s account



An award can be an air ticket, an extra baggage allowance, an upgrade, a companion ticket or any other service in accordance with the scale specified in this program.

Unexpired points credited to an account entitle the Member to Air Austral awards in accordance with the scale and the general conditions specified in the Capricorne loyalty program.

Members cannot qualify for any awards and benefits resulting from the loyalty program membership (such as the extra 5 kg baggage allowance) before the end of the third Air Austral flight after the registration date of the application to the Capricorne loyalty program and the delivery of the permanent membership card.

A member can exchange current valid points on his/her account for an award for himself/herself or for a third party of his/her choice; the request shall be made at least 7 working days prior to departure, for which a debit of points is made.

The debit of points will be made, and confirmed after reception of the award request form with its PIN code, if the beneficiary of the award is the holder of the account; if the award is in favour of a third person, the copy of the ID card/passport of the holder of the account will be necessarily joined to the award request form.

4.2 Free Air Tickets

An air ticket paid for with points is called an “award ticket”. Award tickets are not eligible for the accumulation of points to the Member’s account. The award ticket is an Air Austral or EWA Air valid ticket issued for Air Austral or EWA Air one-way or return flights.

The debit of the Member’s account can only be made by the Air Austral Capricorne Department after the Member has notified it in writing to the Air Austral Capricorne Department. Award ticket bookings are carried out by the Capricorne Department or at any Air Austral branches.

Award ticket booking is subjected to availability, in a specific booking class with limited seats; this should be done 7 working days prior to departure, and can be modified until the last working day prior the departure. Award bookings are valid 72h once made; beyond this deadline, bookings are automatically cancelled. During school holiday periods, award tickets are not available on some flights.

Award ticket bookings are made only on website via @prime service. For any issuing of free air ticket by the Air Austral Capricorne Department or any Air Austral branches, 25 euro of fees apply. Free air tickets bookings made via @prime are exempted of these fees.

The combination of several Air Austral stops is authorized as the number of points shall be credited for each stop in accordance with the scale in force. 1 stopover is authorized per trip, in either direction.

In the event of a deliberate stopover, a new award ticket will have to be issued for the remaining route, submitted to award booking class availabilities and sufficient balance on the member account. Should it be otherwise, a ticket shall be issued at the full fare.

The Member shall pay for the airport and security taxes or for similar taxes. These taxes vary according to countries and airports and should be settled when issuing the ticket.

Modifications of redemption bookings are authorized and submitted to awards booking classes availabilities; should it be otherwise, a ticket shall be issued at the full fare. The first modification is free (if there has been an increase in the airport and safety taxes since the issue of the ticket, the Member shall be charged the difference), and subsequent changes will be charged with a penalty of 70 euro by modification. Only change of route, date and time are allowed.

In case of refund, a 70-euro penalty will be deducted from the amount settled during the purchase of the ticket. A written request with a RIB (Bank details) shall be sent to Air Austral for the refund of the airport and safety taxes, within 3 months after the date of issue of the ticket. In the case where the RIB’s holder name is different from the name of the person who paid the ticket, a written request of the person who paid the ticket will be required with copy his/her ID card/passport.

In the event that a return award ticket has been debited to two accounts, sufficient points for a one-way award ticket should be available to be debited on each account.

4.3. Upgrades

Upgrades are available for a one-way or return flight with a valid ticket issued by Air Austral. They should be booked with a paid ticket in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Welcome guide and in the transport class one up from the current: from the “Leisure” class to “Comfort” class reserved in the B-class and from the “Comfort” class to the “Austral Club” class reserved in the I-class. The booking is subjected to availability, in a specific B or I bookings class with limited seats. During school holiday periods, upgrades are not available on some flights.

In case of modification (low season to high season) of dates and of refund, the conditions of issue and transport linked to the paid ticket are applicable. In case of upgrade, points shall be credited to the Member’s account according to the price of the paid ticket, and not according to the class in which the Member flew.

4.4. Extra baggage allowance

Baggage allowance awards are available for one-way or return flights. The number of points required for a baggage allowance award per sector appear in the current points tables.

A maximum of two baggage allowance awards are authorized per traveler on the same flight (according to the type of airplane-if ATR, submitted to restrictions)

4.5. Companion tickets

The Companion ticket is a preferential award ticket for one-way or return flights used by a third party chosen by the Member, the latter travelling on the same flight with the third party with a paid ticket, either on one-way or return flight.

The transport class of the companion ticket can be inferior, equal or superior to that of the Member’s paid ticket.

The companion ticket must be booked in a specific class as for free air ticket, and submitted to availability.


Taxes, penalties and fees related to vouchers can be paid by cheque, cash or credit/ debit card.

Expenses pertaining to award ticket can be settled by cheque, cash or credit/debit card for airport and safety taxes, and penalties. Cheques are only accepted to issue awards no less than 15 days prior to departure.


5. Levels of membership of the Capricorne loyalty program



Two levels of membership are open to members. To access level 2 called “Premium”, the Member must accumulate a minimum number of “travelling” points as defined by the effective scale over a period of 12 months proceeding the qualification review month.


Review of the Members’ status takes place twice a year, in March and October, based on the “travelling” points accumulated at the end of February and September. Upgrade to “Premium” level is automatic at the end of the month following the Review. Upgrade to « Premium » level is defined for a period of one year. In case of access to « Premium » level, a new card is sent to the Members.

Downgrade to level 1 of a « Premium » Member can only be validated if the criterion defined in the current points system has not been reach over two consecutive qualification periods of the access to « Premium » level.


The advantages related to level 2 are:

  • Entitlement to awards
  • Priority access for reservations, and at check-in
  • Priority access to exclusive check-in desk
  • Access to airport lounges for flights in Comfort or Club Austral classes
  • 10 kg of extra baggage allowance
  • 1 accompanying person in the lounge even when you travel in Leisure class
  • Priority sticker for delivery of check-in luggage
  • Free upgrade award for a selected person, once a year. This upgrade is valid only within the loyalty program conditions (availability of the awards booking classes, or eligibility of the airfare paid)
  • Priority treatment in case of irregularity


Access to level 1 is effective upon reception of the permanent card.

The advantages related to level 1 are:

  • Entitlement to awards
  • Priority on waiting list for reservations
  • 5 kg of extra baggage allowance

6. Information and communication



A bi-monthly statement of account will be sent to all Members for whom a transaction has been made on their account over the last two months (debit/ credit/expiry)at the end of each second month.

This statement will be sent by regular mail, fax or e-mail according to the choice made by the Member upon registration or according to further instructions given to Air Austral administration department.

A statement of account will be sent to all the Members at least once a year, including those who have not had any transactions on their account during the past year.

Each Member’s personal data is likely to be used for marketing purposes or special offers unless notified otherwise by the Member.



7. Miscellaneous



Any breach of the Capricorne loyalty program General Conditions by the Member is likely to lead his/her exclusion without notice, resulting on the loss of all his/her points without compensation.


In any case, the Member will be responsible for informing any third party or legal entity paying for the air tickets or accredited services, about the conditions and advantages obtained through Capricorne loyalty program.

In the event of an award being unduly turned down, Air Austral’s liability will be limited to the value of that award. Any compensation will only be made in the form an equivalent award.


Air Austral reserves the right to modify the loyalty program’s general conditions, in particular the scales and the conditions of obtaining awards, cancellation or replacement of Capricorne loyalty program by another program, at any time with three-month notice.


Any Member noting the loss or theft of his/her Capricorne loyalty card will immediately notify Air Austral in writing. Air Austral declines all responsibility for the fraudulent use of that card.


Legislation in some countries may impose restrictions on the conditions of implementation of and/or participation in the Capricorne loyalty program. In order to comply with this legislation, Capricorne and Air Austral will be entitled to immediately implement new legal instructions and to modify its program accordingly, without notice.

Air tickets awards are subject to the effective general conditions or carriage. Air Austral declines any responsibility for any damage occurring during the use of such a ticket, with the exception of damage occurring during transportation for which the carrier’s responsibility is governed by the Warsaw convention or by French law for domestic transportation.


The Member is entitled to cease participation in Capricorne loyalty program. He/she will then have to notify Air Austral in writing and give his/her card back. Accumulated or transferred points will then be lost.


People under 18 (from 2 years of age on) who participate in this loyalty program are subject to the prior signature of their guardian for each transaction related to this loyalty program, in particular for any award request. For minors requesting an award, the ID card of the child will be required.


In accordance with the Law of January 6, 1978, right of access and rectification to the information held in the air austral Capricorne loyalty program files is provided.


French law alone will be applicable for the execution of the contract and the tribunals of Saint Denis, Reunion Island will be the only proficient ones in coming to a decision in case of dispute regarding this loyalty program.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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