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Préparer vos bagages
All passengers are entitled to a free checked-baggage allowance.

Bagage: solid or fexlible bag (sport bag for example) which is not checked in hold.

Maximum allowable size

Sum of the three dimensions (length x width x height) must not exceed 300 cm

Baggage allowance

Your free checked-baggage allowance is mentioned on your e-ticket. It depends on your route and your class of transport.


If your free checked-baggage allowance is more than 30 kg, we inform you that : one piece of checked-baggage must not exceed 32 kilograms. For routes from/to Thailand, one piece of checked-baggage must not exceed 30 kilograms

Long-haul fights*
CabinMaximum weight - kg
Loisirs 25
Club Austral40

* This chart is valid for following routes :

  • Reunion/Indian ocean <-> France
  • Reunion/Indian ocean <-> Perth (Australia)
  • Reunion                         <-> Thailand
Regional network
CabinBaggage allowance kg
Club Austral40

Sum of the three dimensions (height, width, height) must not exceed 300 cm

In case of baggage excess, sport equipments will be taxed in priority.

Before check-in

  • Remove all bag tags from previous flights from your checked-baggage before you travel;
  • Label your bag outside and inside with your : full name and surname, cell number, plus your address at destination, email;
  • Pack the most things as you can in your checked-baggage and keep the only necesary ones with you for your pesonal comfort
  • Carry in your checked-baggage your liquids : pack them carefully. These are prohibited items in cabin;
  • Lock you check-baggage ;
  • For safety reasons, declare any dangerous good that you could transport.

After check-in

Our Air Austral agents will give you one baggage tag receipt per bag : keep it safely.

Baggage excess

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