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About Air Austral

Quality and safety

Our commitments.

Air Austral commitments - Mr MALE, CEO of Air Austral

"Safety, Quality and Security are the first concerns for Air Austral.

Within the framework of continuous improvement policy, our company identifies, evaluates and analyzes all risks, related to every day operations, and implement all necesary actions in order to manage those risks and guarantee a high level of safety and security.

All managers are main stakeholders in this approach and responsabilities in terms of risk management are clearly defined. Air Ausral complies with the most demanding standards in the airline industry : french and european applicable regulations, and IOSA standards.

I commit myself into providing all necesary human and financial resources to implement systems of safety management, quality management and security management.

Our corporate culture highlights the crucial relevance of safety, quality and security in our activities and the respective responsabilities of every employee involved in ground and flight operations.

We believe in a positive culture of safety. Thus, every employee has to report any incident or risk which could impact our operations. To promote this feedback, i commit myself into guarantee of confidentiality and anonimity of information.

Air Austral will not initiate disciplinary procedure against an employee for having spontaneously and immediately reported an incident, regarding safety or security rules, in which he is involved. In case of voluntary violation or criminal act, this principle will not not be applied.

Furthermore, performance indicators in terms of Safety, Quality and Security, have been defined. They are regularly monitored by Air Austral teams."


Marie-Joseph Male
CEO, Air Austral.

For over 15 years, Air Austral has set the standards in the Indian Ocean. South Africa, the Comoros, Lyon, Madagascar, Marseille, Mauritius, Mayotte, Paris, the Seychelles, Thailand, Toulouse, Air Austral has 700 000 satisfied customers every year by providing the quality demanded for international airlines.

Flight security and safety : the priority for Air Austral. Within this framework, Air Austral has implemented : a safety program, a "quality guarantee" program, and a security program.

Certifications and compliance with national and international regulations

Air Austral complies with french, european and international regulations. Air Austral is certified :

  • Operations : CTA n° F-RE 001 This agreement is delivered and controlled by the French civil aviation : a guarantee of high level of safety for Air Austral flight operations.
  • Certification of aircrafts : FR.MG.006. This agreement is delivered and controlled by the French civil aviation regarding airworthiness of aircrafts : a guarantee of compliance with european standards, EASA Part M.
  • Maintenance of aircrafts : EASA FR.145.117. It guarantees a maintenance in compliance with the most demanding standards.
  • Training for crew members : Air Austral has a training center certified FCL (Flight creww licencing) and EU OPS.
  • Air Austral is registered IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) carrier : an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline.

Quality of service

Our commitments :

  • Positive and professional behaviour ;
  • Efficient organization for our customer's comfort ;
  • Clear and relevant information ;
  • Dedicated services for customers with special needs ;
  • Customized services and privileges for customers flying in : Confort and Club Austral classes ;
  • Rigourous management of flight operations irregularities ;
  • Listening to customers and their feedback.

Our results - 2nd semester 2013 :

  • Punctuality : 99,42 % ;
  • Punctuality witthin 15 minutes : 90.6 %.

Air Austral complies with national, european and international regulations

Air Austral complies with the following rules :

  • EU OPS: prescribes requirements applicable to the operation of any civil aeroplane for the purpose of commercial air transport by any operator ;
  • EASA - Part M and 145: airworthiness and maintenance of aircrafts ;
  • FCL 1: Flight Crew Licensing and certifications ;
  • French and european regulations regarding security ;
  • Standards and rules of ICAO (international civil aviation organization);
  • IATA international standards for IOSA certification : IATA ISM (IOSA standards manual).

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