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Paris CDG

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General conditions of carriage

Article IX : schedules, delays, cancellation of flights

Schedules, delays, cancellation of flights

1. Schedules

a) The flights and flight Schedules listed in the Carrier’s Schedule Indicators may change between the date of publication and the date of the Passenger’s journey. The Schedule Indicators have no contractual value.

b) Prior to acceptance of the Reservation the Carrier will notify the Passenger of the applicable flight Schedules, which will be shown on the Ticket. It is possible that the scheduled flight times may need to be changed by the Carrier subsequent to Ticket purchase. In this case, Passengers will be advised of the change if the Carrier has been provided with their contact details. Passengers are nevertheless requested to check with the Carrier, before their scheduled departure date, that the flight Schedules shown on their carriage Ticket or their Travel

Memo have not been altered.

If, after issue of the Ticket, the Carrier makes a significant change to the scheduled flight time, which is not convenient to the Passenger, and if the Carrier is unable to offer a more suitable Reservation, the Passenger will be entitled to a refund of the Ticket, in accordance with Article X/2 below.


2. Cancellation, Rerouting, Delays

a) The Carrier will do everything possible to carry Passengers and their Baggage. In this respect, and with the aim of avoiding flight cancellation, the Carrier may be led to offer carriage to Passengers on flights operated by another Carrier, as defined in Article I above, or by any other means of transport.

b) Except as otherwise provided for in the Convention, and within the limits of a single Contract of Carriage that is the subject of a Reservation made by the Passenger, if the Carrier cancels a flight, or operates a flight with excessive delays compared to the planned schedule, or if the flight does not stop at the Agreed Stopping Place or the point of destination, or if the Carrier causes the Passenger to miss a connecting flight, the Carrier must, in agreement with the Passenger:

  • Carry the Passenger on another of the Carrier’s scheduled flights with an available seat, without surcharge and, where applicable, extend the Ticket validity commensurately, or
  • Reroute the Passenger to the destination shown on the Ticket within a reasonable time, in whole or in part on the Carrier’s own scheduled flights or those of another Carrier, as defined in Article I above, or by any other mutually agreed means of transport. If the fare and charges for the new routing are lower than the refund value of the Ticket, in whole or in part, the Carrier will refund the difference to the Passenger, or
  • The Carrier will refund the Passenger’s Ticket, in accordance with Article X, below.

c) In the cases referred to in Paragraph 2 of this Article and except as otherwise provided for by the Convention, the choices offered in sub-paragraph b) are the only choices the Carrier is obliged to offer the Passenger.


3. Compensation for Denied Boarding in the event of Overbooking

If, owing to scheduled overbooking, the Carrier is unable to offer a seat to the Passenger, even though the Passenger has a confirmed Reservation, a valid Ticket and has checked in within the required timeframes and conditions, the Carrier shall grant the compensation provided for by applicable law.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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