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Paris CDG

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General conditions of carriage

Article VI : check-in and boarding

Check-in and boarding

a) Check-In Deadlines (CID) vary from one airport to another. Passengers are advised to enquire in advance and comply with Check-In Deadlines in order to facilitate their journey and avoid cancellation of their Reservations. The Carrier or the Authorized Agent shall provide Passengers with all relevant information on the CID for their first flight with the Carrier. For any subsequent flights in the Passenger’s journey, the Passenger should obtain information on CIDs, by referring to the Carrier’s Schedules or those of its Authorized Agents.


b) Passengers must arrive at the Carrier’s check-in desk sufficiently early before the flight, in order to complete the necessary formalities and, in any event, before the Check-In Deadline specified by the Carrier. If a Passenger fails to arrive at the Carriers check-in desk before the Check-In Deadline or does not produce a travel document corresponding to the journey concerned and is therefore unable to travel, the Carrier may cancel the seat reserved for the Passenger and reassign it freely, with no liability toward the Passenger.


c) If a Flight Coupon is not collected at the check-in desk when the Passenger receives a Boarding Card, the Coupon in question shall remain in the custody of the Passenger who must hand it over to the Carrier on boarding.


d) Passengers must be present at the boarding gate at the latest by the time specified at check-in.


e) The Carrier may cancel a Passenger’s Reservation if the Passenger fails to arrive at the boarding gate by the time specified, with no any liability toward the Passenger.


f) The Carrier may not be held liable in any way, in particular for any loss, damage or disbursement, if a Passenger has not complied with the conditions of this Article.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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