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Paris CDG

For flights departing in more than 48hours, please consult our Air Austral Schedules


Any time within the 24-hour period prior to the departure of all your flights

Have all travel documents ready with you : electronic ticket, passport

Consult your travel data, change dates of flights, personal data, seats...


Secure payment

3D Secure System

During the payment process, a personal code can be asked by your bank. It's your 3D-secure authentification code.

3D-Secure payment

3D-secure is a security protocol established on the secure payment platform of our partner Ogone to prevent the risk of fraudulent use of your card without your knowledge.

Created by Visa (Verified By Visa) and Mastercard (Mastercard Secure Code), it is not valid for American Express cards.

4 steps for the payment of your order

  1. You confirm your order on our booking engine. You are directed to Ogone website, leader in Europe for online secure payment system;
  2. Enter information : card number, expiration date, 3-digit security code
  3. You are temporarily redirected to your card issuer's website to confirm your identity;
  4. Once these steps are done, the order is confirmed. And you are redirected to our booking engine.

Important : only cards declared to Visa and MasterCard as participating to this program benefit from this security system.

The 3-D Secure authentification code do not correspond in any case to your 3-digit security code at the back of your card, neither to your personal code used on payment terminals (in stores for example).

Specific authentification modalities

Depending on the card issuer, authentification modalities are changing.

We invite you to contact your bank advisor for more information.

*All inclusive - From - LS : Low season / HS : high saison - OW : One way. Subject to availibility. Fares may increase without prior notification.

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