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Fly to Comoros with Air Austral

La Grande Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan... with Air Austral go and discover the archipelago of perfumed islands and travel through time.

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The Comoros, the archipelago of perfumed islands

Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli are three of the four islands that make up the archipelago of the Comores. Between the three of them, they form the union of the Comores, a former French colony, independent since 1975. The three islands, all of volcanic origin, with Karthala on Grande Comore still active, developed separately but cannot deny their kinship.

Their plantations of perfume plants and spices date back to the colonial era. The air is filled with scents of clove, ylang-ylang, vanilla, coffee and cinnamon. Although the islands are not yet easily accessible to the international tourist, they harbour amazing nature treasures. Grande Comore has magnificent beaches, Moheli exceptional seabeds and Anjouan luxuriant verdant mountains. It is off these timeless islands that a coelacanth is sometimes captured. This pre-historic fish that fascinates the scientists.

About Comoros islands

  • Territory size : 1 860 sq km
  • Capital : Moroni
  • Currency : comorian franc
  • Language : arab, french
  • Local Time : UTC* + 3h
  • Climate : tropical

Moroni, the authentic city

Moroni is at the same time the political, economic, commercial, touristic and administrative capital of the Comoran archipelago. Coastal city, Moroni takes advantage of an important historic inheritance which goes back to the reign of the Sultans.

Go and See:

  • Karthala volcano: this volcano is at the origin of the creation of the South of the island of Grande Comore. It is the biggest crater in the world
  • Itsandra Beach: the most beautiful and the biggest white sand beach of Moroni where you can relax and enjoy nautical activities
  • The mosque of Moroni: also known under the name of "mosque of Friday", it was built at the beginning of the XVth century and is a part of places of interest with its architecture and its history
  • The museum of Moroni draws back the traditions of the history of the Comoros and their natural environment
  • Volo-Volo market : Main market and place to life of the capital, the animation which reigns all day is indescribable

Anjouan, the archetypal perfumed island

Anjouan is a member of the Comoro Archipelago. It is known for its numerous perfumed plants (ylang-ylang, jasmine, basil...).

Explore unusual landscapes as well as incomparable fauna and flora..and take advantage of a total disorientation with its turquoise blue waters, its pleasant beaches, a volcanic relief strewed with coconut palms, a luxuriant vegetation.

Go and See:

  • The citadel of Mutsamudu : big tourist asset for the city, this fortress redraws the history of the island
  • The forest of Bougwéni: visit this beautiful forest rich in endemic fauna and flora, with its huge bats and its makis
  • Papani beach: black sand beach with pebbles, very busy on the weekend
  • The Park of the Mount Ntringui which includes the lake Dzialandze and the mount Ntringui (peak of the island with 1595 m of height)
  • The region of Sima where we can find numerous exploitations of perfumed plants which give their nickname to the Comoros islands

Practical information

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