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Fly to Madagascar with Air Austral

With Air Austral, fly to the continent island and discover a world apart with an original culture and an infinity of landscapes.

In Madagascar, Air Austral operates flights to / from :

Antananarivo international airport - airport code : TNR
Fort Dauphin international airport
- airport code : FTU
Tuléar international airport - airport code : TLE
Tamatave international airport - airport code : TMM
Nosy Be international airport - airport code : NOS

With EWA AIR, subsidiary of Air Austral company, fly to Nosy Be, Majunga, and Diego Suarez, and discover other destinations:

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Madagascar, the continent island

The largest island of the Indian Ocean is a world of its own. Madagascar is as large as France and Benelux combined. Visitors will discover an infinite variety of views, scenery and contrasts.

Whereas Madagascar is African on its sunfilled shores, it becomes Asia in its central highlands with rice fields and high brick houses. An original culture, with many regional variations developed in a country with a population of diverse origins, such as Indonesian, Bantuer, Arab.

Due to its early isolation from Africa, Madagascar has a natural heritage unique in the world. There are tall baobabs and rainforest where orchids grow, as well as spectacular thorny plants in arid areas. The fauna is just as amazing : soft-toy like lemurens, impassive chameleons and rare butterflies.

Add to all this thousand of kilometers of deserted beaches and strings of enchanting small islands, and you will understand why so many visitors fall under the spell of this large island.

About Madagascar

  • Territory size : 587 000 sq km
  • Capital : Antananarivo
  • Currency : ariary
  • Languages : french, malagasy
  • Local Time : UTC* + 3h
  • Climate : equatorial on all the north part of the island, subtropical in the center and subdesert for the south extreme

Antananarivo, City of Thousand

Tananarive, Antananarivo, ou Tana for those who know it well...The Malagasy capital is the biggest and the most urbanized city in the country, but nevertheless in the airs so rural. Down from its sacred hills, Tananarive dominates the country with its landscapes of deforested hills and its small traditional villages. In Tananarive you will plunge into another dimension.

Go and See:

  • The lake Anosy: it shelters a big statue named " anjely mainty " surrounded with jacaranda which offers a magnificent landscape as a picture postcard. Music and songs are strongly influenced and practised in numerous occasions.
  • The Palace of the Prime Minister: this big building of bricks was built in 1872. It was transformed into a museum, and now shelters the vestiges of the palace of the queen, burned in 1995. Privilege a conducted tour, and discover the culture and the love which guides carry for their country.
  • Marché de la Digue: constituted by hundred of small sheds in row, it presents all the wealth of the Malagasy craft
  • The sacred Hills: these twelve hills situated around Antananarive tell the history of the Merina monarchy. The number twelve was crowned: twelve kings of the Imerina, twelve sacred hills, twelve wives of king, twelve talismans, etc.

Tamatave, the coastal city

Tamatave or Toamasina in malagasy is situated east of Madagascar. The city shelters the biggest port of the island where arrive boats from countries of Asia but also Europe. You will have to dedicate one day minimum to the discovery of the city to perceive the secrets hidden behind its alleys and Creole houses…

Go and See:

  • The canal of Pangalanes: a succession ininterrupted with lakes, lagoons, rivers and stream which follow the Malagasy oriental coast on more than 600 km. You can realize exceptional excursions for one day or more, to discover a luxuriant vegetation and a population which bustles throughout the canal with numerous tasks (fishing, business, transport...)
  • The historic city center of Toamasina: discover the colonial past of the city going in search of the last Creole houses, also by walking on the place " Bien Aimée ", surrounded with majestic banians.
  • Bazar Be: " Big Market " where you can roam whether it is to buy memories, but also for the flavors characteristic of the East coast (clove, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, coffee)

Fly to Nosy Be, Majunga and Diego Suarez from Mayotte with EWA AIR

Nosy Be, a mosaic of landscapes to discover

Small paradisiac island extending over 321 sq km, Nosy-Be is the tourist showcase of Madagascar. Rich in fauna and flora, and very appreciated by divers, the treasure island is an unparalleled earth of dream and adventures.

Go and See:

  • Passo Mount: highest peak of Nosy Be (329 m) from where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the whole island from the crater lakes to neighboring small islands.
  • Nature reserve of Lokobe: this reserve of 740 hectares includes the major part of the endemic vegetation remaining to Nosy Be.
  • Mahatsinjo sacred tree: located in a magnificent small forest, discover this gigantic banyan fig tree of 200 years and with a scale of 5 000 sq m, known under the name of Sacred Tree where people come to ask or to make a wish.
  • Mitsio archipelago : reachable from Nosy Be, you will be seduced by these 6 beautiful small islands

Majunga, key destination of the west coast

Located in the Bombetoka bay, Majunga is the sea resort of choice of Tananariviens, and a destination of relaxation appreciated by the Comorans, Mahorais and inhabitant of Réunion Island. Be seduced by the beauty of its beaches, its magnificent landscapes, as well as the warm welcome of its inhabitants.

Go and See:

  • 7 caves of Belobaka
  • Mangatsa sacred lake: filled with fishes with impressive sizes, be surprises by this open-air aquarium with a transparent and turquoise blue water
  • The Red Circus : very beautiful place renowned for its various clays with varied colors but also to observe sunsets, this is one of the main places of interest which make the fame of Majunga.
  • The national park of the Bay of Baly: located in the northwest of Madagascar, the bay of Baly is the unique housing environment of the endemic tortoise Angonoka

Diego-Suarez, the many-faceted city

Antseranana also called Diego Suarez, is the biggest city of the northern Madagascar and the third port of the continent island. In this city, an amazing cultural diversity exists. Diego-Suarez has everything to seduce you : key location for seamen, but also for sporty people and nature lovers.

Go and discover :

  • Ankarana Reserve : probably one of the most amazing spectacles of Madagascar. The famous tsingy, calcareous concretions erupting from the ground, are enough to justify the travel.
  • The Red Tsingy : situated to the South-East of Diego-Suarez, the red tsingy of Irodo river, unveil a unique landscape. They are formed by the lateritic soil erosion. It's accessible by 4x4 or quad.
  • The Diego Bay and its Sugar Loaf : the second biggest bay in the world (after Rio de Janeiro) with a majestic sugarloaf, Nosy Lonjo. Sacred place, it is completely forbidden to access this island. It can be observed from Ramena road or looked around by boat.
  • Ambre Moutain: forest situated at the city's doorstep. In a few kilometers, the climate is changing ! Lemurs, waterfalls, lakes, plant species, centenary trees, this amazing natural park is easily accessible. Total escapism guaranteed !

Practical information

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